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When You Do Better, Your Child Does Better

How often do you find yourself thinking you’re supposed to know what to do, when it comes to parenting, or at least be able to figure it out on your own? But really, how could you know?!

I’ll never forget Melissa’s excitement as she told me how she was able to notice the signs of her son becoming overwhelmed at a birthday party and not get embarrassed, thanks to our coaching work, and then act on it in a way that made her feel great! She was able to leave the party gracefully in time to avoid his typical meltdown. The minute they got to the car he fell sound asleep, and she felt immediately validated about having done what he needed!

It’s a given that you want to be the best parent you can be. However, effective parenting skills don’t come naturally, automatically or even intuitively just because you’re a parent or caregiver. Calm, confident parenting is not an act of willp

ower or desire. It's about understanding what's happening with your child and learning the skills you need to make the best parenting choices, be more patient and feel more connected.

>>Here's a quick tip for a quick win with parenting.

The Better You Do, The Better Your Child Does!

No child wants a parent running on “empty.” Just like a car can’t run with an empty gas tank, you can’t be the parent you most want to be without filling up on what you need, both in terms of self-care and skills. I wish I had known that when my kids were young. It would’ve made things a lot easier for all of us!

(Click the image for more on self-care)

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