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Parenting Coaching

Where I believe: 

  • Connection matters more than perfection.

  • Behavior is an SOS not an attack.

  • The better you do, the better your child does

  • Small changes lead to big results

  • Your child wants to please you

  • What you focus on increases

  • Families are dynamic systems 


Kathy Whitham, RN  Video courtesy of Glenn Koenig, Open Eyes Video.

to find out how to avoid power struggles and nurture deeper more connected relationships at home.  

to find out how I can become your go-to resource for parents struggling with challenging child behavior.

Free Positive Discipline Guide 

"The 3 Biggest Mistakes When It Comes To Discipline...and what to do instead!"

"a wonderful, supportive resource"

B. Bryan Post, PhD, LCSW, Child behavior expert


"Kathy's understanding, compassionate and innovative approach to helping families create homes without yelling is a wonderful, supportive resource for any parent seeking love-based solutions and strategies to their relationship challenges with their child!"

I created this free guide for you because it can help you start making sense of your child's behavior and learn specific techniques for positive discipline that work ...and feel good in your heart.

In this guide, you'll learn the 3 biggest mistakes you might be making (I made them all) and find out 3 key strategies from my N-O-Y-E-L-L approach to start practicing right away.

  • “Y” = YOU FIRST so you can avoid power struggles.

  • “O” = OPEN THE CURTAIN so you can speak your child’s language. 

  • “E” = EMOTIONAL AGE so you can get through to your child.

When it comes to knowing what to do about discipline, it can be just as important to know what NOT to do!

Simply put your first name and email in the box below to receive your free gift.

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