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Strengthen Connection with your Child!

Validate! Validate! Validate!

What a great take away from a recent coaching session. 

You want your child to be emotionally and socially healthy. I get that! So, where does validation fit in to the parenting puzzle?

Validation builds connection!

According to Brené Brown, Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued. When you validate your child’s feelings, and they feel seen and heard and valued. This strengthens the bond of connection between you and is not the same as giving in to their behavior.

Connection is the foundation for emotional well-being and resilience. Improved behavior arises from improved resilience.

Here's today's Quick Tip for a Quick Win with parenting...>>To Build Connection - Validate! Validate! Validate!

I believe it’s all about how you get to the behavior you want from your child.

The order matters:

  1. Validate

  2. Connect

  3. Correct

Unwanted behaviors can be handled much more effectively from a place of connection.

(Click the image below for how to practice connection over perfection.)

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