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Agree To Your Child for Who They Are

This is What Repair Looks Like!

It starts with agreeing to who they are…

  • whether they are gender diverse, neuro diverse, or their confusing, over the top behavior doesn’t make sense and has you at your wit’s end.

Agreeing to who they are doesn’t mean you like everything they do. It doesn’t mean they don’t need boundaries or guidance or values. What it does mean is that you hold the power in your hands to strengthen, reinforce and even repair loving connection with your child or teen.

It starts with agreeing to who you are…

  • in your human, messy imperfection

  • and your heartbreaking love for your child

  • and your ceaseless commitment to being a good parent

This morning I asked my client, the dad of a 4 year old, what the principle Connection Matters More Than Perfection means to him, he said this:   

Even though it’s not always going to go well in the moment, you can debrief, pick up the pieces and keep connecting to make a path forward…

What an awesome and hopeful explanation of self-compassionate, relational repair!

Click on the above  image of my son and I at NYC Pride 2010 to read our story of repair and loving connection…

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