• Kathy Whitham

You Get It Right More Often Than You Realize

Even though the beginning of 2021 still echoes the chaos of 2020

and the new year doesn’t feel so new yet,

I want you to know...

You get it right more often than you realize.

I know it doesn’t feel like that when the fog of exhaustion and overwhelm

that is your life so much of the time leaves you on autopilot.

And when it takes all your energy just to get through the day--

how it robs you of joy and imagination.

The loss is real.

The loss of how you thought it would be with your child, with your partner,

with yourself. Really - You can barely even find yourself any more.

Even so, you get it right more often than you know.

You really do.

I see you.

I see how hard you are working to be a good parent.

I see how hard you are on yourself--how your self-talk of failure and judgement is loud. And the whisper of the compassion for yourself can barely be heard,

if it can be heard at all.

And regret - OMG - how much space it takes up.

How it robs you of the moments right here, right now.

How it hurts. And yet, I promise you, you get it right more often than you realize.

Let yourself imagine that possibility.

Feel your heart beating. Listen to that thing you just know is the right thing to do for your child, without even knowing why.

Trust your instinct no matter what the other voices inside and outside your head are saying.

I’m telling you--

You get it right more often than you realize.

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