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When Won't Is Can't

Today I invite you to look at their won’t as a can’t.

It will help you respond rather than react when your buttons get pushed by oppositional behavior.

Here's today's Quick Tip for a Quick Win with parenting...

>>Sometimes When They Won't, It's Because They Can't!

To help our child feel good about themselves, I believe we need to change the way we look at their behavior.

Why is that?

The effect on you:

When we see what they're doing as they won't, it feels like defiance and opposition which can lead us to react as the parent we don't want to be.

The effect on them:

A feeling that something is wrong with me. That's shame. Shame doesn't allow them to feel good about themselves or build self-confidence.

When we see what they're doing as they can’t, it evokes empathy and compassion and leads to responding with connection. It allows us to focus on helping them develop the emotional/social life skills they need to build self-confidence rather than being stuck in a vicious negative cycle.

(Click the image above for more about handling oppositional behavior.)

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