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Responding to What Their Behavior Is Telling You!

Imagine your child is like a barometer. They tell you the weather around them, but they are not the weather. The weather is the stress in their environment. Their behavior is their response to that stress or overwhelm.

Stress can be internal like the following:

  • Hungry

  • Tired

  • Thirsty

  • Pain

  • Feelings

  • what else can you think of?

Stress can be external like the following:

  • Social demand (school)

  • Heat, cold

  • Overstimulation (big store, birthday party)

  • Transitions

  • What else can you think of?

Here's today's Quick Tip for a Quick Win with your parenting... >>Look at behavior as the barometer, not the weather Here's the thing. The barometer can’t change the weather, but the weather can change the barometer. You have the power to influence and change the weather - aka environment. A Parent-Centric approach places the keys to change in your hands. It’s rooted in understanding what your child or teen’s behavior is telling you so you can respond effectively to what they need.

(Click the image for info about how to be their anchor, not their adversary)

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