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Key Parenting Skill for Peace at Home with your Teen

Peace at home comes from being less reactive and more responsive.

An essential parenting skill that nurtures peace at home is the skill of listening. Curiosity is key to listening. 


>>Here’s a Quick Tip for a Quick Parenting Win<<

“Curiosity opens the door to loving connection.”

Reactivity can’t coexist with curiosity. Try it!

Next time your teen starts venting big feelings at you…

Notice your immediate reaction. Is it to defend, correct, fix their feelings, talk at them?

If you notice any of those reactions, take the following steps to enhance your listening skills:

  1. Pause...

  2. Stop talking…

  3. Breathe…

  4. Get curious… 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What might they be feeling right now?

  • What is going on at home right now?

  • What might have gone on at school today?

  • Is this a transition?

  • What might they need right now?

The practice of curiosity gets you out of your reactive brain - the part that gets triggered. This allows you to be calmer and more available for connection with your teen. Curiosity creates space for their big feelings.

As your emotional state shifts and you become more present, notice their response. 

Look for an opening to initiate a loving connection.

(Click the image below for another essential parenting skill - Repair)

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