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Improve Communication with Your Child or Teen Using 1 Skill

Validate! Validate! Validate!

Today I invite you to consider validation - an essential and under emphasized parenting skill - as the first step to loving connection, empathy and great communication, three of the things we parents want most with our kids! 

And when it come to arguments with your kid, I believe validation can de-escalate the situation and even avoid the ugliness. 

So, how does validation fit in to the parenting puzzle?

Validation builds connection!

According to Brené Brown, Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued. When you validate your child’s feelings, and they feel seen and heard and valued. This strengthens the bond of connection between you. It is not the same as giving in to their behavior.

Loving connection is the foundation for emotional well-being and resilience. Improved behavior arises from improved resilience.

Here's today's Quick Tip for a Quick Win with parenting...>>To Improve Communication - Validate! Validate! Validate!

For handling unwanted behaviors, communication is key. Validation is the first step to avoid pouring fuel on the fire and allow for connection and communication. 

The order matters:

  1. Validate

  2. Connect

  3. Communicate

  4. Correct

Going beyond behavior, when your child or teen feels seen, heard and valued: 

  • They learn empathy because they experience empathy and feel it from you.

  • They will want to talk to you! 

So Validate! Validate! Validate!

(Click the image below for another tip to improve communication.)

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