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Be Their Anchor into Daylight Savings... Not Their Adversary

Today, I invite you to remember that behavior is communication. The transition to daylight savings time can be challenging. They won’t go to bed and they won’t get up in the morning!

This can temporarily increase your stress at home. What your child needs in the midst of their button-pushing behavior is an anchor, not an adversary!

Imagine this--> Your child is like a boat tossed about on the waves of big feelings. The urge is to jump in the boat with them to try to help, especially when a storm is raging! The problem is that it’s easy to end up reacting, as you get tossed around with your child. That leaves you unable to respond in the best way to help them.

Here's today's Quick Tip for a Quick Win with parenting...

>>"In Times of Stress...

Be Their Anchor, Not Their Adversary"<<

Next time the boat is rocking away, instead of jumping in, step back and ask yourself, "How might I decrease the stress and overwhelm in our environment and make this transition week easier?"

This is Parent-Centric thinking!

(Click the image below to read more about a Parent-Centric Approach for Loving Connection & Peace at Home.)

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