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Welcome Pediatricians,

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I’m an RN and parenting coach (nutshell: I help parents who are at their wit’s end with their kids behavior to avoid power struggles and learn how to restore peaceful, more connected family relationships.)


I practice a relationship-based approach to parenting coaching, which is founded on the science of attachment and emotional regulation and the understanding that a child’s behavior is a form of communication. I work with the parents (rather than the children) because I believe they are the most powerful change agent in the parent-child relationship.


I’ve noticed that many pediatricians become the person that moms and dads confide in regarding their parenting struggles. Parents look to their doctors for help. The doctors are in a bind: even when they have a lot of empathy and good advice to offer (and they often do), they can only do so much when their primary focus needs to be on the physical health of their patients. But the doctors also know that these unresolved, ongoing parenting struggles stress and drain their patients which  impacts their health. Many wish they had some reliable resources they could pass on.  


I partner with several doctors in the Boston area, like Dr. Bakshi at Walden Pond Pediatrics (i.e. sometimes she hosts parenting classes at her office and sometimes she gives individual parents my phone number). She has told me it’s been helpful for her to be able to refer parents to me when they want things to be better with their kids because:


  1. Therapy Can Be Too Much: Many parents don’t want, or need (in her professional opinion) to go down the more intimidating and complicated road of therapy for their child or whole family. Therapy often comes with a sense that something is wrong with them or their child. It can also be much more than is needed. Many parents just need some simple empathy and practical, evidence-based guidance but, if they don’t get it from therapy… then where will it come from?

  2. It Helps Set Her Practice Apart: Offering parenting coaching referrals and parenting classes at her office is a way to set her practice apart from others. And, when moms and dads come back and say, “Thank you so much for connecting me with Kathy!” it deepens the trust her patients have in her.

  3. It Draws In New Potential Patients: The patients in her practice can invite their friends to parenting classes - which are at her office.

  4. It’s Straightforward: Rather than dealing with insurance referrals, she can simply hand parents my card.


If this sounds like it might be a fit for your practice, and you’d be open to receiving more information on what I do, I'd be happy to send it your way.

Simply send me an email at 

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