• How to Respond to Button-Pushing Behavior!
    May 18, 7:00 PM EDT – May 19, 7:00 PM EDT
    Learn practical and effective strategies to take charge of your own buttons in order to respond to what your child needs rather than react to your child's behavior.
  • Community Group Coaching Support
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, May 25
    Zoom Meeting
    May 25, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
    Zoom Meeting
    You were never meant to do this parenting thing alone! Community Group Coaching Support offers you access to the one-on-one benefit of my personal, practical coaching at a group rate while connecting with other supportive, like-minded parents.
  • 5 Things Your Trans/GNC Teen Needs YOU To Know.
    Jun 15, 7:00 PM
    As the parent/caregiver of a trans /GNC tween or teen, you can feel caught between a rock and a hard place - between your desire to support & help your child and your feelings of overwhelm & uncertainty. Learn the 5 most important things your kid needs to best help them.