A No-Yell™ Approach to Peace At Home 

Empathy, support and education for parents & caregivers at their wit's end


Kathy Whitham, RN  Video courtesy of Glenn Koenig, Open Eyes Video.



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Welcome Mom, Dad, Caregiver,

Are you at your wit’s end with any of the following power struggles?

  • Your 3 year old won’t listen when you tell them to put their shoes on...

  • Your 8 year old refuses to get off their iPad when you tell them it’s time to do their homework...

  • Your 12 year old has become defiant and disrespectful whenever you ask them to do anything to help...

What if the behavior isn’t the problem? What if behavior is the language your child is using to tell you how they feel? 


What if learning to translate their language of behavior allows the connection and communication

you want more than anything with your child at every age?

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If love and trying harder to do better were enough, you wouldn't have come here! 


Here's the thing. I believe you may be missing a key piece of the parenting puzzle. That has to do with understanding what your child’s behavior is really telling you in order to respond effectively. This understanding is what has allowed me to help parents in situations that have felt utterly hopeless and impossible to them.

Behavior is communication...


Both connection and correction lie beneath the surface of the behavior where brain science tells us that stress, fear and anxiety are driving the behavior. 


It’s like in The Wizard Of Oz. The fiery scary wizard head isn’t the problem and can't be

the solution. The solution lies behind the curtain, where connection is needed.


When you calm what’s driving the behavior, the behavior can change from the inside out.


There is nothing wrong with your child or you and trust me...

you could not be trying harder! You've come to the right place!


No-Yell™ parenting is designed to empower you to respond rather than react to your child's button-pushing behavior and help you feel calm and confident that you're doing the right thing for your child. 


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  1. Responding rather than reacting to build your child's social/emotional life skills. 

  2. Understanding what’s happening with your child. It’s physiology!

  3. Connecting and attuning to yourself and your child so they feel safe and loved. 


Practiced together they develop your child's resilience - the core of emotional & social wellbeing for life - while strengthening a relationship with your child that will take you through the teen years and beyond!

You were never meant to do this parenting thing alone! 

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Hi, I’m Kathy


As an RN, parenting coach, child behavior specialist, grammy & poet, I've worked with hundreds of parents over 12 years through workshops and one-on-one in depth coaching. I've found that connected, healthy relationships happen when we understand what's happening with our child and learn how to respond rather than react to button-pushing behavior.


When my kids were young, I felt exhausted, overwhelmed and alone with my struggles. It took years for things to begin to turn around at home, It happened because I connected to the right support and learned a different way of looking at things. As a result, I was finally able to know what to do to best help my kids, and feel deeply connected again. My relationships with my adult kids have continued to thrive and grow.



“I feel very connected to my kids and am able to tune in to what they need in the moment.”

Janine - MA, Licensed Acupuncturist, Yoga teacher, mom of 2

When I started working with Kathy I felt so overwhelmed - like it was all beyond me and I had no idea how to handle what was going on with my kids. We were always yelling, things would escalate and it was ugly. No-one was happy and i didn't know what to do. 


Now I feel very connected to my kids and am able to tune in to what they need in the moment. When there's an outburst, I can step back and not have to take it personally. I have confidence that we can shift from there and deal with what’s really going on...and I know we’re all going to be OK!