A No-Yell™ Approach to Improving Child Behavior 

Providing empathy, support and education to restore peace at home.

At Parenting Beyond Words

  • Connection Matters More Than Perfection.

  • Behavior is an SOS, Not An Attack.

  • The Better You Do,

The Better Your Child Does.

  • Small Changes Lead To Big Results.

  • Your Child Wants To Please You.

  • What You Focus On Increases.

  • Families Are Dynamic Systems.

All Members Affect One Another. 

Kathy Whitham, RN  Video courtesy of Glenn Koenig, Open Eyes Video.
Dear mom, dad or caregiver,


Welcome! I’m so glad you found your way here. I’m guessing that you’re facing challenges that are standing in the way of the peace of mind and peace at home you wish for. 


  • You may be at your wit’s end with your child’s behavior...


  • You may be trying to navigate the challenges of having a transgender or gender non-conforming child and everything that means... 


  • You may be wishing you were on the same parenting team with your partner...


  • You may be suffering physically or mentally exhausted from always putting yourself last and feeling that this isn’t sustainable...


Whether it’s your relationship with yourself, your partner or your child(ren), I believe that connection matters more than perfection. 

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Hi, I’m Kathy


As an RN, trauma-informed behavior specialist, mom, grammy & poet, I draw from over 10 years of working with hundreds of parents through workshops and one-on-one in depth coaching. I've found that connected, healthy relationships are developed at the intersection of brain science, attachment theory, family dynamics and inner wisdom. 


When my kids were young, I found myself exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling alone with my struggles much of the time. It took years for things to begin to turn around at home, and it happened because I connected to the right support and learned a different way of looking at things. As a result, I was finally able to know what to do, and feel connected again. My relationships with my adult kids have continued to blossom.

Here’s the thing...


If love and trying harder were enough, you’d already be there. I believe we must move toward a Parent-Centric approach and away from a Child-Centric approach to parenting. Why? Because I believe parents are the most effective agents of change in a family. They hold the real power. Therefore, I focus on supporting and empowering parents to be in control of their relationship with their child without getting sucked into the vicious “here we go again cycles” and the feelings of guilt and failure that come with them.

Brain Science and a larger understanding of family dynamics are not typically part of many popular child-centric parenting techniques. In other words, you ARE doing your best but I believe you may be missing a key piece of the parenting puzzle which has to do with the core understanding what your child’s behavior is really telling you in order to respond effectively. This understanding is what has allowed me to help parents in situations that have felt utterly hopeless and impossible to them.

“I feel very connected to my kids and am able to tune in to what they need in the moment.”

Janine - MA, Licensed Acupuncturist, Yoga teacher, mom of 2

When I started working with Kathy I felt so overwhelmed - like it was all beyond me and I had no idea how to handle what was going on with my kids. We were always yelling, things would escalate and it was ugly. No-one was happy and i didn't know what to do. 


Now I feel very connected to my kids and am able to tune in to what they need in the moment. When there's an outburst, I can step back and not have to take it personally. I have confidence that we can shift from there and deal with what’s really going on...and I know we’re all going to be OK!

If you could use support, I have a range of services for parents & caregivers from Free resources to on-line Classes to One-On-One coaching. Take a look at My Services HERE or follow one of the links below to explore further.