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Peace At Home Through Logistics

Procedural, structural logistics can make such a difference!

Jason was excited to be making the connection between what he knows as a business guy and what he realizes is crucial for running a home and being a great parent!

The 5 Steps To Implement a Calendar System at Home.

1. Get (or make) a calendar! I recommend a magnetic white board (I have seen good ones at Target made by the board dudes). Clients have done all sorts of creative things like putting up chalkboard paper on the wall or making a calendar out of poster board.

2. Place it in a central location where all can see it, like the kitchen.

3. Put events that most affect your child on the calendar, including and especially events that happen regularly. School days, weekend days, days of transition to visitation, birthday parties, vacation days, grandparents visiting, etc.

4. Give you child agency. What I love about the magnets is they are easy for your child to put on the calendar. They can have a sticker or clip art on them that your child chooses or draws to represent a particular event.

5. And last but not least, review the calendar every morning together with your child to review what is happening “today” so they know what to expect (even if they “knew” yesterday or do that thing every week). Children are concrete and in the moment. We have a lot in our heads about what they need to do, but they don’t have all that in their heads!

Creating predictability and agency for your child decreases anxiety, increases regulation, decreases power struggles and increases peace and harmony.

Happy calendaring! Send me a photo of what you come up with :)

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