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Let's Talk About Remote Learning!

If you need permission to let go of the guilt, stigma, societal pressures and feelings around failure, when it comes to remote learning, I have some permission to spare.

Here. Take it.

Because the anxiety - when the wifi is crashing and the chrome book is broken and you see your kid is sinking deeper into depression and you’re losing any joy or pleasure with your family - it makes it almost impossible to decide what to do about anything. It gets a hold of you like a knot in your heart and distorts your thinking. It makes you forget what’s most important to you.

Anxiety takes your executive function off line. It happens in your brain. It’s physiology. And it happens to your kiddo too. How can anyone thrive, let alone learn, like that?

I believe that at the end of the day - without the relationship, nothing else matters.

I believe your relationship with your child can be your compass for decisions large and small.

Here's how. When you’re faced with a decision, like the following:

* Should i let my kid enjoy a snow day when the school says, No?

* or should i let my teen get their GED when they’re telling you they want it, even if it means they won’t “graduate.”

Ask this question, What would be best for my relationship with my child?

Notice if that shifts your thinking. Notice if it brings clarity. Notice how it feels in your body.

Because at the end of all this, the affect of persistent anxiety over learning and school work will compromise your child's desire and love for learning and may have a bigger impact on their self-esteem and future well-being than getting their GED.

Because at the end of all this, I believe your relationship with your child and their relationship with themself will be harder to repair than the effect of missing some assignments or even months of assignments. (Keep in mind that when your child goes back to “normal” school, everyone will be in the same boat.)

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