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How To Handle a Meltdown/Tantrum

For kids to develop resilience, they need to learn to be ok with big feelings.

Here's a quick tip for a quick win with your parenting>>>

When your kid doesn't get their way and has a tantrum try the following:

  1. Pause. Breathe.

  2. Ask yourself, are they hungry, thirsty, or in some other physical need and take care of that as soon as you can.

Otherwise, proceed to calm the meltdown without any external bribe or reward using these 5 steps ➙ ➙

  1. PAUSE



  4. WAIT

  5. Rinse & Repeat

It can sometimes take 20-30 minutes for the stress hormones to work their way through your child's body. I don't need to tell you this can feel like forever! It WILL end! Waiting and breathing can be the most challenging parts.

The more you practice staying calm and consistent during a tantrum, the fewer tantrums, and the more your child (or teen) will know they are OK, even with big feelings. That's resilience!

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