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Ending The "Here We Go Again!" Cycle

A small shift in understanding the internal or external stressors that may be driving your child or teens behavior can make a big difference in how you respond.

Here's a quick tip for a quick win with your parenting>>>

Next time your child or teen is giving you that here we go again feeling,

  1. Pause

  2. Get curious

  3. Imagine what might be causing internal or external stress in your child's environment. (Some examples)

    • Overstimulation

    • Social demand

    • Transition

    • Hunger

    • A time pressure

    • Unexpected change

    • Your own stress

4. Do one thing in your power to decrease the stress in their environment.

5. Notice what happens to the here we go again feeling.

To better understand your kid's behavior read "Bad Behavior - SOS or Attack?"

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