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Cheese Stick or Time Out?

Today I’m thinking about how our kids WANT TO please us (despite appearances to the contrary sometimes!)

Baby humans can’t survive on their own - unlike baby sea turtles.

When your child is acting out, they still want to please you. They still need you - that’s biology. There must be another reason for their behavior besides beside just wanting to be a little ****(fill in the blank.)

When everyone starts melting down, (especially after school, or in the morning,) it can be easy to forget to ask this basic question: “Is my child hangry?”

A parent-centric approach empowers you to give your child a cheese stick instead of a time-out.

Here's the link to one of my most popular No-Yell™ parenting tools, the Child Checklist. Other parents have found it really helpful to print it and put it up on the fridge. Download HERE.

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