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5 Strategies To "Fall Back" With Ease

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

It’s only two weeks until the clocks fall back. Now is the time to start setting yourself up for success!

Re-setting the clock throws off both sleeping and eating cycles. This causes our bodies extra stress for a few days or even a week or more. Most of us get tireder and crankier than usual and so do our kids!

This time, instead of gritting your teeth and employing the strategy of wishful thinking, ANTICIPATE AND REGULATE!

Here are 5 stress-busting strategies to make Nov 4-10 a more peaceful transition week:

  1. Make your life easier - for example: order pizza for dinner (even if it's not something you would usually do!) Remember - this is temporary.

  2. Minimize activities for your child this week (If you must do something extra, be really, really selective and DON'T do it at night.)

  3. Eat earlier than usual - Notice if your child starts getting hangry and remind yourself their tummy thinks it’s an hour later.

  4. When it comes to bedtime: Start early! Stay on task! Breathe! Are you hoping your child will sleep later because they goes to bed later? Strategy of wishful thinking!

  5. Expect your child to wake up early. You probably will too. Why not use that extra time to simply hang out or cuddle with you child for a 10-15 minutes? I call this Plug-In time. It will release Oxytocin, the anti-stress hormone, which can help you and your child feel calmer and more connected and set you both up for a better morning.

So, when daylight savings time ends on Nov 4th and you notice your child is more demanding, whiny, more prone to meltdowns and fighting with siblings, keep this mantra in mind, "We're all a bit dys-regulated because of the time change but we’re going to be OK!”

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