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No-Yell Parenting Presents




A new on-line parenting class from Kathy Whitham, RN

For over 10 years, Kathy has worked with hundreds of parents in workshops and dozens with one-on-one, in-depth coaching, helping them avoid power struggles and nurture deeper, more connected family relationships.

This 1 hour class will help parents & caregivers come up with a simple plan to get through the holidays with fewer power struggles and more enjoyment.

Dear parent on the verge of overwhelm,

  • Are you stressed out thinking about the lack of routine and structure over the holidays?

  • Worried about that family dinner?

  • Has the strategy of wishful thinking failed you in the past when it comes to thinking "this time it will be different?”

  • Concerned about power struggles over screen time?

  • Just wishing you could enjoy some nice family time?


If the above resonates, you're invited to this 1 hour class where you'll learn how to

  • Create a simple, doable vacation plan

  • Avoid the most common power struggles

  • Increase your capacity to be more in control during the upcoming holiday vacation

  • Use the most effective "go to" parenting power tools

  • Create the memories you want your kids to have forever



This is a 1 hour online video class:

Wednesday, December 11th

@ 6:30pm Eastern (60 minutes)

If you can stay on the line, I'll answer questions for an additional 30 minutes. They will be included in the recording


Whether or not you can attend live, sign up to receive:

Recording of Video Training

Post conference Reference Guide

1 Month Bonus Group Q&A with Kathy Whitham, RN

Price $10

Buy this class via PayPal by clicking the button below. After you pay, you'll be taken to a page which will explain all the details.

I look forward to seeing you on Dec 11th.

In Support,


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Kathy Whitham, RN, Parenting Coach, Poet, Mom & Grammy believes connection matters more than perfection. Taking her experience as a nurse, holistic practitioner, yoga teacher and artist, along with extensive study of trauma and brain development, she created No-Yell™ parenting, a model designed to empower parents to avoid power struggles and nurture deeper, more connected family relationships. She imperfectly raised three kids, to happy, successful adulthood. Kathy is passionate about giving children a voice and contributing to an emotionally healthy world.

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