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  • Can we do a single session to get tips and solutions for a specific problem I’m having with my child?
    If I were in your shoes, I’d want the same thing. When faced with a stressful, often overwhelming issue, it’s natural to want it to be solved quickly and to want to be the parent who can do that on their own. I’ve had many parents come to me in the same boat wanting tips they can go home and do right away themselves. We’re conditioned in our culture, to believe that we’re supposed to be able to do it all ourselves and if we can’t we are conditioned to feel shame. This could not be further from the truth of how we are wired biologically, which is to function within community. We’re not meant to do this parenting thing in isolation and without support. Here’s the problem with applying a tip or strategy without some understanding of why you’re doing it. It would be like sticking a band aid on a your child’s cut without assessing what caused it and getting your doctor’s opinion about whether it needs stitches or antibiotics to treat it before you put on the band aid. The band aid (or parenting tip) might be the same, but whether it works will be very different depending on how and why you apply it. This is why I don’t do problem-solving, brainstorming single sessions before establishing a No-Yell Parenting foundation. What I teach is designed to empower parents to really be in control of their relationship with their child and is based on a shift in mindset, not a set of techniques. Imagine it’s like installing your own parenting GPS. The guiding principles of this parenting GPS are grounded in brain science and the dynamics of family relationships. They set you up to make effective parenting choices about all different kinds of issues you may face. This foundation also nurtures a relationship with your child that will take you through through the teen years and beyond. Without establishing a common foundation, it would be like we were all speaking different languages. I want the best outcome for you and your family. And be assured that whatever your issue is, it would be part of our conversation as we go through the Foundation steps.
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