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Welcome Parents of Toddlers and Pre-schoolers

Do you find yourself:


  • Frustrated because your child doesn't listen?

  • Exhausted trying to get out the door?

  • Worried about how to discipline positively?

  • Unsure whether it's "just a phase?"


Do you wake up at 3 am longing to:

  • Get through to your kid without yelling

  • Learn how to avoid power struggles

  • Know what to do when faced with a tantrum

  • Teach your child empathy and sharing


Parenting Coaching


is designed to personally guide you through a step-by step process to build a solid founda-tion for calm, confident parenting and effective, compassionate discipline.

I created a free positive discipline guide for you called "The 3 Biggest Mistakes When It Comes To Discipline...and what to do instead!" It can help you start making sense of your child's behavior and learn specific techniques for positive discipline that work ...and feel good in your heart.

In this FREE guide, you'll learn the 3 biggest mistakes you might be making (I made them all) and learn how to practice these 3 key strategies from my N-O-Y-E-L-L approach.

  • “Y” = YOU FIRST so you can avoid power struggles.

  • “O” = OPEN THE CURTAIN so you can speak your child’s language. 

  • “E” = EMOTIONAL AGE so you can get through to your child.


When it comes to knowing what to do about discipline, it can be just as important to know what NOT to do!

Click here to download your free positive discipline guide "The 3 Biggest mistakes When it comes to Discipline...and what to do instead!" 


On the same page, you'll also have the opportunity to sign up for my mailing list, if you choose, and further explore my other services. 

"The more connection I have with my son, the better I can understand his needs and react appropriately before things get out of control." Shannon, mom of 3


When my 5 year old is calm his a helpful, sweet, funny and bright boy. Yet, all of this can be forgotten when he is under stress and it's as if a switch is flipped turning him into an aggressive child who hits, kicks, bites and throws things without much warning. Kathy helped me gain an entire new appreciation for what my son is going through and how I need to be in order to connect with him.

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