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Introducing the

No-Yell  Parenting

Community Q&A

A 45 minute, weekly, group video chat

offering practical, doable solutions for

your most intractable, frustrating and exhausting

parenting challenges.

Every Thursday 7:00-7:45pm (Eastern)

$15/monthly membership

$5/week drop-in 

Dear Overwhelmed Parent,


Are you at your wit’s end because...

  • your child won’t listen to you?

  • the kids are constantly fighting with each other?

  • there are frequent tantrums, whining & crying?

  • power struggles at bedtime?

  • endless fights over screen time?

Not sure what to do next?

You are not alone.


But many parents feel like they are. They don’t realize how many parents are struggling on their own (and feel utterly alone and isolated) when their kids behavior is pushing them to their wit’s end.


Parenting is hard enough without the thought that ‘all other parents have got this figured out’.


No. They. Don’t.


Most parents I meet are deeply struggling. As they fall asleep at night, they say to themselves…

    “I’ll be more patient tomorrow."

    "I’ll try harder not to yell."

    "I can’t even do the one job I’m supposed to do."


You are not alone.


And yet, even though they struggle not every parent can afford to hire a parenting coach or go to a workshop and even those who can are often unsure whose advice to take.


I created these 45 minute, weekly calls so that you could have a place:

  • to ask the tough questions you can’t ask anywhere else (all questions are welcome and no topics are off limits.)

  • to get affordable, bite-sized nuggets of advice, tools and strategies that work in the real world (and learn why some things don’t work).

  • that is just for you in your busy life of putting everyone else’s needs before yours where you could get some much needed empathy and understanding .

  • where you could meet me and see if my coaching philosophy and style might be a fit for you.

Hi, I'm Kathy

I’m a registered nurse, parenting coach, mom & grammy. Over the past 8 years of working with parents, one of the things I hear most often is, “It feels good to know I’m not alone.”


Raising my kids, as a single parent, I felt very alone. It seemed like no one else was having the struggles I was having with my kids’ behavior. I was exhausted and overwhelmed much of the time. It took years for things began to turn around at home for me, and it was only because I finally connected to the right support. As a result, I was finally able to make sense of my child’s behavior, know what to do, and feel connected again.    


If loving your child and trying hard were enough, you’d already be the parent you want to be. Because, my dear, you could not be trying harder!


We’re conditioned in our culture, to believe we're sup-posed to be able to do it all. If we can’t, we're conditioned to feel shame. This has led to an epidemic of perfection-ism. Doing it all ourselves could not be further from the truth of how we're wired biologically. We’re not meant to do this parenting thing in isolation and without support.


Here’s the thing. Brain Science and a larger understanding of family dynamics are not typically part of many popular consequences-oriented, child-centric parenting techniques. In other words, you ARE doing your best but I believe you may be missing a key piece of the parenting puzzle which has to do with understanding what your child’s behavior is communicating to you in order to respond effectively.


Action without understanding is like sticking a band aid on your child’s cut without assessing what caused it and getting your doctor’s opinion about whether it needs stitches or antibiotics to treat it before you put on the band aid. It might help sometimes. But in other cases, no matter how many band-aids you put on, things will keep getting worse.


What it comes down to for me is a parent-centric approach to parenting. I believe parents are the most effective agents of change in a family. They hold the real power. I focus on supporting and empowering parents to be in control of their relationship with their child without getting sucked into the vicious “here we go again cycles” and feelings of guilt and failure that come with them.


No-Yell™ parenting is like a parenting GPS, the guiding principles of which are grounded in brain science and the dynamics of family relationships. It sets you up to make effective parenting choices about all different situations and nurture a relationship with your child that will take you through the teen years and beyond.

The No-Yell™ Parenting Principles are as follows:


  1. Connection matters more than perfection.

  2. The better you do, the better your child does.

  3. Your child wants to please you.

  4. Behavior is an SOS, not an attack.

  5. Small changes lead to big results.

  6. What you focus on increases

  7. Families are dynamic systems where all members affect each other.


My answers to your parenting questions will be guided by these principles. You'll also have a chance to share strategies that have worked for you (I know you have a bunch of them!) and look at them in light of these principles.


The Technical Details of the Call:


  • We'll conduct this Q&A with Zoom, an easy to use video conferencing platform where you can ask questions live or post them into the chat box.

  • I’ll send you a link that will allow you to easily download zoom onto your computer and join the call.

  • You'll have a choice about whether you are visible or hidden on screen, if you wish to maintain anonymity.


I hope to meet you on a call soon.


In support,


PS: Simply put your information in the box below to be taken to a secure payment page.


PPS: I'll be in touch within 24 hrs with all the details you require. Please be sure to check your spam folder in case my email gets misdirected (which seems to be happening frequently) and then add me to your contacts so you don't miss any important info about the Q&A. 

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