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Kathy Whitham, RN, believes that children thrive when their parents thrive. When parents are overwhelmed by their children’s behavior problems, she provides concrete, positive parenting solutions to help overcome them. Using her "No Yell Parenting™" approach, she teaches parents to speak the language of their children and use love-based solutions, informed by brain science, when behavior problems arise.


When Kathy went through a divorce in 1993, she became the single mother of three children, the oldest of whom was only 11. What she learned along the bumpy road that followed brought her to the incredible relationship she now has with each of her grown children. It's those relationships that inspired her to create Parenting Beyond Words in 2008.


Behavior problems can show up at any point in a child’s development. Behaviors such as defiance, disrespect, tantrums, withdrawal, “attitude”, and poor school performance are all red flags that a child needs help. Kathy shows parents how to make sense of difficult behavior and successfully navigate the tumultuous waters of these challenges. The goal is to strengthen and maintain parents' connection to their children over the long term.


Kathy’s multifaceted coaching style builds on over 25 years of maternal-child nursing, holistic healing practices, yoga, and the arts, as well as having imperfectly raised her three children to happy, successful adulthood. According to Kathy, the key to good parenting is to remember, “Connection matters more than perfection!”


Parenting Beyond Words
Because connection matters more than perfection!
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