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One-On-One Coaching

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Parents who work with me one-on-one start their journey with the

No-Yell™ Parenting 7 Step Foundation Program


“Foundation” - noun

  1. the basis or groundwork of anything:

  2. the natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests.

This program takes you through a step by step process to build a solid parenting foundation that will take you through the teen years and beyond.

It involves the following:

  • Learning guiding principles for making the best parenting decisions

  • Understanding what your child’s behavior is telling you

  • Becoming less reactive and more able to respond to what your child needs in the moment

  • Getting clear on appropriate developmental expectations for their child

  • Recognizing the impact of stress on child and home environment

  • Coming to see the importance of “putting your own oxygen mask on first”

  • Feeling more connected to their child

  • Acquiring supportive strategies and tools to help you be the parent you really want to be

  • Shifting from Child Centric to Parent Centric Paradigm

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